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Thanet Tuition 

Thanet Tuition covers a variety of courses and levels, ranging from lower primary school to adult learning. We specialise in Kent test, GCSE and A-Level courses. Contact us today for more information.





"Friendly, helpful and very knowledgable. Simon really helped my son with his 11+. Thank You!"  (2014)


"My son is autistic and Simon knew exactly how to help him. Simon is very patient and got Alex through the test. Thank You Simon!" (2014)


"Chatham House, here we come!" (2014)


"Thank You Mel, you really helped Jason with his test. We really appreciate your help." (2013) 


"Mary found Simon to be an extremely good tutor. He was knowledgable and fun to work with. He was able to provide lots of hep and support." (2013)


"Peter was a very able and very knowledgable teacher. He worked very well with our daughter and has helped her confidence grow significantly" (2013) 


"My daughter began preparing for her 11+ 7 months prior to the exam, which I have later learnt is rather late. We hired a personal tutor by the name of Simon. With his help, my daughter went from strength to strength and evenutually passed the exam." (2013) 


We will be back for GCSEs thanks for your help with the 11+. Could not be happier. (2014) 



Do not hesitate to contact us today! If we cannot accommodate you we will know someone who can! 




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